Bulletins Under Cover

Helping churches create effective and visually-pleasing bulletins is the heart of our business. With talented graphic designers/artists in all five of our offices, offering beautiful cover art is a large part of what we do. The design team includes Kari DeBoer, Linda Simon and Jennifer Rutherford in Michigan; Adriana Moralic, Diane Vaughn and Armando Esparza in Texas; Brandon Williams in Florida; Mary Shows, Molly May and Tom Berryhill in Ohio; and Maggie Fawley in Pennsylvania.

“Beauty is the arrowhead of evangelization,” according to Bishop Robert Barron of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. While there are many technical parts of putting together a bulletin, having a beautifully designed cover is an important part of our work and the work of the Catholic Church. Imagine that bulletin on a family refrigerator: the cover acts as a “teachable moment” every time a person sees it. It’s a constant reminder of the beauty and truth of the Catholic faith.

Our Artists Were Busy!

In 2016, our artists created over 800 free bulletin covers for our customers to download. For the canonization of Mother Teresa in September of 2016, that team created 8 bulletin covers alone. That means the parishes we serve have a wonderful variety of art to choose from, according to their needs and aesthetic. Many of these designs are also used for our banners, prayer cards, and other products. Keep in mind, too, that we offer many of our products in both English and Spanish versions.

Of course, our graphic design team does much more than just bulletin covers. However, the fact that this team of talented people created more than 800  pieces of art for our bulletin customers in 2016 is remarkable, and it sets a high standard not only for this team, but for us as a company.