Camino Release Notes 8/31/21


  • New Household and Member Audit Report types are now available. These report types allow administrators to see what changes have been made and by whom
  • Formation Online Registration
    • Mobile responsiveness has been improved
    • Spanish translation is now available on the online registration form
    • New fields have been added to the form including household information. These fields do not overwrite what is in Camino. The fields can be found when using the report type “Formation – Online Registrations”
  • Preferred name is now used on the Formation Attendance sheet if the member record contains a preferred name
  • A new field has been added to the household screen. The new field “Custom Mailing Name” allows you to customize the mailing name for a household. The field will automatically populate with the Formal Mailing Name. From there is can be changed if desired. The fields that pull the “Custom Mailing Name” in the reporting section are “Formal Mailing Name” and “Donor Name Formal”
  • The Camino Knowledge Base has been completed. This contains articles that give little tips on how to do various things in Camino. The link is below