Camino Update 4/30/21

New in Camino:

  • Formation Online Registration is now available, contact support to get the link to the registration form
  • When a member is marked deceased incorrectly, you can now “Resurrect” them. You will see the “Resurrect” button on the member screen of deceased members. NOTE: To have this ability, add the right of “Resurrect Members marked Deceased” to a role. The Member Type and Relation to Head of Household will be made “Other” and will need to be updated by the user to the appropriate fields
  • Ability to post Sacraments as a Batch. Location: Administration > Procedures > Sacrament Batch   Note: This is also a right that must be added. “Ability to bulk load Sacrament data for large groups” is the name of the right
  • New ‘Listed’ fields for Addresses and Phone numbers have been added
    • Examples include ‘Mailing Address 1 Listed’ or ‘Head Cell Phone Number Listed’
    • These fields are intended for Directories or Guide Books
    • The field pulls, for example, Head Cell Phones that do not have the checkbox ‘Cell Phone is unlisted’ checked on the member screen
  • Formation Attendance Report Enhancement
    • The “Download Attendance Report” button now allows you to choose a blank or filled out version of the report
  • Zip code is no longer required for most countries when adding sacraments. The only two that will require a zip code are the United States and Canada
  • Suffixes have been added to the Member Listing page
  • An Emergency Contact Tab has been added to Formation
  • The members on the Household Members screen are now ordered. The order goes Head, Co-Head, then by age. Deceased members will appear at the bottom