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Personal Experience

Catholic parishes have been relying on Diocesan to help with communication solutions for over 65 years. There is nothing similar to working in a Catholic parish office. You have your own set of unique problems, hurdles, and constraints.

In fact, our staff brings with them invaluable career experience in both diocese and parish offices, including bookkeeping, development, stewardship, youth ministry, IT support, parish business management, bulletin editing, and all the liturgical roles you might expect from Altar Server to Choir Director to Eucharistic Minister.

This experience translates into everything we do.

The Real Culprit

The struggle to communicate effectively stems from a few, very common, core issues found in almost every parish office.  These are:

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of resources
  • Limited budget
  • Staff is overworked
  • Lack of quality tools & software
  • Lack of knowledge when it comes to digital communication.

We know that for your parish to be successful we have to solve those issues first. That is why Evangelus is the first and only wide-range publishing tool that is easy to use, powerful and priced for every parish budget. It helps your parish office do much more with less.


Evangelus is built from scratch specifically for the Catholic Church. You will find that the language is that of the Church. There are liturgical themes and templates ready for you to use. There are security features that disable direct communication with minors. Even our “Eva Assistant” welcomes staff in the way we greet each other at Church.

As Evangelus grows with regular updates, it will continue to reinforce the standards of the Church and bring Christ to your messaging every day.

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