Childlike Faith

“Unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the Kingdom of heaven.” -MT 18

A child is a perfect example of living in the world but not of the world. They often have this perfect balance between awareness of a spiritual reality and yet they have not yet been influenced by the different negative forces in the world.

Many look at this and call it immaturity, they just need to grow up and experience the real world and then they will know. As if experience of the negative things in this life is what we were made for.

I like to think of a time before the original sin when Adam and Eve were in the garden. Think of how childlike they must have been, trusting and relying fully on God, loving in a way that is pure and holy just like that of a child, a humble admittance that they were created and thus not the creator.

All of this was broken however when they fell. And why did they fall? They wanted to take God’s place. They wanted the full knowledge that God had, the knowledge which Satan promised would make them like God. And it is precisely in receiving this knowledge that they became blind, less childlike, prideful, sinful, broken.

Our hearts were made for innocence, and that innocence was shattered. Thankfully we have a divine physician. If our original state in the garden could be portrayed as a beautiful stained glass window, then at the fall this window was shattered. But Jesus came and picked up those pieces one by one and put them back into place so that the original beauty of God’s plan could shine through. This is the beautiful story of redemption that we can each begin to experience even here and now.

Today is the memorial of the guardian angels. Our guardian angel was specifically appointed by God to help us see that original light and beauty and to live by it. To go back to that childlike trust which we tried to leave behind. I invite you to allow God to pick up your pieces. Let Him breathe light where there is darkness. Let Him in and see what He will do and has done for you. God Bless!

Tommy Shultz is a Solutions Evangelist for Diocesan. In that role, he is committed to coaching parishes and dioceses on authentic and effective Catholic communication. Tommy has a heart and a flair for inspiring people to live their faith every day. He has worked in various youth ministry, adult ministry, and diocesan roles. He has been a featured speaker at retreats and events across the country. His mission and drive have been especially inspired by St. John Paul II’s teachings. Tommy is blessed to be able to learn from the numerous parishes he visits and pass that experience on in his presentations. Contact him at