Into the Depths of Christ’s Heart

Lately my husband and I have been battling with our preschooler’s changing attitudes. One of his classmates has had a negative impact on him and he has learned bad words and violent play by observing him. Since we are new to the whole “being parents of a kid in school” thing, our first reaction is one of protection and anger.

It seems as if Wisdom 2:12 is playing out before our very eyes and this classmate is saying to himself “Let us beset the just one! ARRG!” (cue the evil pirate look) Of course upon further reflection we realize that this child most likely doesn’t have the best home life, or hasn’t been taught, or God-forbid, is being neglected and acts out to get attention in any way possible.

But the whole scenario is really a metaphor for our lives. How often the bullies of this life (whether they be people or situations) seem to cry out “let us put him to the test, that we may have proof of his gentleness and try his patience” (Wis 2:19). We can either get angry and put on a protective shell or run to Jesus and confront it.


The Psalm Response promises:

“When the just cry out, the LORD hears them,

and from all their distress he rescues them.” Ps 34:7

“Many are the troubles of the just man,

but out of them all the LORD delivers him.” Ps 34: 20


Do we know Jesus enough to trust that these promises are true?

In the Gospel some of the inhabitants of Jerusalem claimed that Jesus couldn’t be the Christ because they knew him. (ref Jn 7:27) This passage both infuriates and poses a challenge. How can you claim you know Him if you are doubting Him? How deeply do you really know Him if you don’t believe He is the Christ? Obviously not very well. And then it hits me. I ask myself the same questions and come up sorely lacking. How often do I doubt Him? How deeply do I believe?  Do I trust that he will rescue and deliver me, that He will hear my every word?

On this Lenten Friday, I resolve to go deeper. To dive into the depths of Christ’s heart to know and trust him more, and I invite you to embark on this venture with me.

Tami Urcia spent early young adulthood as a missionary in Mexico, while simultaneously studying Theology and Philosophy in Spanish. She has worked in Family Life Ministry at both the diocesan and parish levels. She currently works for Diocesan, is a freelance translator and blogger. She and her Peruvian husband are raising their children bilingual and love sharing reflections of life, love and everything in between. Find out more about her here: