Keys to My Own Little Kingdom

In today’s Gospel reading, Simon Peter doesn’t hesitate to answer Jesus’ question, “But who do you say that I am?” Jesus also states that His heavenly Father revealed this information to Simon Peter. But how?

The Gospel doesn’t tell us how the Father revealed Jesus’ identity to Simon Peter. We are left to speculate. It probably wasn’t a dramatic reveal, otherwise, that story would have been told. It apparently was a private revelation between God and Simon Peter alone. A revelation that Jesus was waiting for before He turned the keys to the kingdom over to Simon Peter.

That simple exchange between Jesus and Simon Peter began the foundation of the Catholic Church, but how does it relate to you and me?

I’ve been asked numerous times by people of other denominations who Jesus is. It’s sort of a trick question. If I don’t answer in a certain way… well you’ve probably experienced the same conversation.

Reading today’s Gospel got me thinking differently, though. I acknowledge Who Jesus is, but I doubt I’m getting any keys to the kingdom. Or am I? My earthly kingdom consists of my family and our house.  It’s my responsibility to see that the bills are paid, laundry is done, house is clean, groceries are purchased, etc. It’s our corner of the world. It’s the stepping point from which we begin our day. If our surroundings are chaotic, we cannot face the days’ challenges.

As I reflect on today’s Gospel, I imagine acknowledging Jesus as Simon Peter did. I also see Jesus, smiling at me as He hands me a ring of tiny keys that give me the responsibility of my own little kingdom. I smile at Him and take the keys. I excuse myself because I had better go vacuum! was started by Lisa Hendey in 2000 to create a community for Catholic parents to share insights on living their faith with their family. The website has grown substantially over the years to become a rich resource for all Catholics seeking spiritual enrichment for their families.  It continues to provide fresh perspectives from the enriching columnists and contributors with daily articles and reflections as well as book and tech recommendations.