Our Strength is in our Unity

So often we have heard the phrase “A house divided cannot stand.” The exact words from today’s Gospel are, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” The key to understanding Jesus’ words is unity. There is strength in a united front and only weakness in a divided effort for anything.

Jesus is telling us that the scribes who accused him of being possessed by the devil were so stupid and so wrong. How can Jesus, if a devil himself, cast out devils and defeat the devil’s own purposes? He cannot. “And if Satan has risen against himself and is divided, he cannot stand; that is the end of him.”

Today’s culture is divided on so many fronts, and it is a wonder we are still functioning. Well, we are barely functioning. So how do we remedy the situation? By standing firm in the principles of Jesus’ teaching in the face of any contradiction, and not give in just because it is easier to cope.

Jesus came to unite us to a common way of life. That way is love for one another and ourselves. We love and are joined with all people by affirming that all people are inherently good. Those of us who cannot recognize goodness and only see evil, are the instruments of the devil’s attempt to separate us from one another.

Ultimately, the followers of Jesus will gather together in the strength of their conviction to his teaching and form a solid front, a strong team that will dispel sin. But the followers of Satan will weaken and scatter, because evil, in any form, does not stand on firm ground. The foundation of Satan’s house will eventually succumb to the strength of those of us who refuse to weaken resolve to goodness. Following Satan leads to death: the eventual loss of the soul. Following Jesus leads to life: our ultimate unity with God in the everlasting, undivided kingdom of heaven.

“Our Savior, Jesus Christ, has destroyed death and brought life to light through the Gospel.”

God Bless.

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Jeanne Penoyar, an Accounts Manager at Diocesan, is a Lector at St. Anthony of Padua parish in Grand Rapids, MI. Jeanne has worked in parish ministry as an RCIA director, in Liturgy, and as a Cantor. Working word puzzles and reading fill her spare time. Jeanne can be reached at jpenoyar@diocesan.com.