Bulletins are a great way to communicate with parishioners. That’s why we work hard to provide a bulletin service that is flexible, effective, attractive, and free for all of our customers.

Quality. Cover-to-Cover.


The parish bulletin is one of the first things your parishioners see after Mass. Extend the beauty of our faith to your cover. You can easily change your cover weekly to match the week’s message or stay consistent with one cover, designed specifically for you.

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    Covers on Demand

    Easily switch your bulletin cover
    as often as every week.

    Covers on Demand makes it easy to switch out last week’s bulletin cover with a cover relevant with this week. You don’t have to sign up for anything to use this service. If you only want to change your cover for special occasions, you can easily do that.


    Special Covers

    Observe current seasons and
    celebrations of the Church

    We design covers for every holiday as well as major feast days and special moments in the Catholic faith. All of our designs are free to our clients. With Covers on Demand you can use a special cover whenever you like.


    Cover Wrappers

    Add a touch of the season while still
    keeping your standard bulletin cover.

    If you like using your parish’s standard cover but want to also observe a season of the Church, you can use our cover-wrapper. Your standard cover is sized down slightly and then wrapped in a festive border.

    Custom Covers

    Have a cover designed for your parish that you can use every week.
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Your parishioners find value in your bulletins. It keeps them up to date with the parish and diocese. Our bulletin service makes it easy for you to put together a great bulletin. We offer inserts, liturgical graphics, page perforation, and so much more.

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    Make an Attractive Bulletin

    Everything you may need to make the bulletin you want.


    Highlight whatever you’d like. It could be a letter from father, a form to be filled out, or a flyer for an upcoming event.

    Liturgical Graphics

    Add pictures to your bulletin to help break up the text. Make your bulletin more pleasing to look at with graphics that enhance the message.

    Daily Readings

    We offer the week’s daily readings for you to provide to your parishioners.

    Kidz Corner

    Choose from a variety of children’s activities including word searches, crosswords, puzzles, and more. Engage your parishioners at a young age.

    100% Customizable

    Our bulletins are completely customizable. Bring your ideas to life. There isn’t a rule.

Connect Your Community

The local business community plays an important role in the bulletin process. We work with family-friendly businesses that want to help provide the bulletin free to parishes and support their local Catholic community.

Be Successful

A partnership is about more than just a product. We want to make sure every parish is in a position to communicate, and to do it well. That’s why from Sunday to Sunday all our customers are provided with everything needed for success. We guarantee it.

  Training & support for every step of bulletin production

  Track production status from the moment you submit

  Bulletins delivered, free of charge

  No fault reprints anytime there is an issue

  Bulletin uploaded to DiscoverMass, myParish, and your website

Serving the Church nationwide