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Wide-Range Publishing

The most difficult job for content creators is putting the message in front of readers. The news coming from the parish office faces the same problem. How do you put your message where people will see it?

It’s important to begin this discussion with the clear understanding that it is impossible to reach 100% of your readers. That sounds bad but it is the truth. This is the key to understand that it is vital to expand your reach to as many locations as you can.  Some will recommend to focus on just one or two channels and don’t worry about the rest.

Well, as Catholics, we worry about the rest.

The Old Way

Prior to Evangelus, focusing on one or two channels wasn’t bad advice. It was practical advice because no communication tool existed that made wide-range publishing possible. Not to mention, the parish office doesn’t have the time, staff or resources to manage content across the web, social, email, app and text.

Enter Evangelus

Simplicity is key to wide-range messaging with Evangelus. You begin with a single message. This can be a short text-based message or a beautifully designed newsletter. It’s up to you.

Once your message is complete, Evangelus processes it and automatically formats it properly for text message, email, myParish app, Facebook, Twitter, and a website news feed. If you like what you see, you hit SEND and you’re done. Your message is delivered.

If you would like to make adjustments to one or all the previews, then this is where Evangelus really shines. Simply, modify a channel as you wish and then hit SEND. It will use all modified content in place of the suggested content. Easy as that.


Lastly, to make future publishing a breeze, our template system, saves your content for every channel. Open one template and it’s ready for you to post to every location. Only with Evangelus.

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