Welcome To ReFresh!

Welcome to a New Year, and a new in-house feature for our company! The strength of Diocesan Trinity Publications is that we are a company of talented, energetic people who are passionate about Catholic communications. Our departments share responsibilities for many products and services, some of which we’ve been doing since the company was established and many new. However, because our offices are geographically distant from each other, we don’t always get to hear news from within our company, about our work and co-workers.

Every month, the ReFresh newsletter will bring you company updates (focusing on a new product or service, for instance), educational pieces  that will help all of us understand different departments’ work, and pieces about the wonderful people we work with and those we serve.

Keep in mind that one month, we may feature a department or product you’re quite familiar with. However, there will be many employees of Diocesan Trinity Publications that will learn a lot from that piece. And the next month, there will be a piece we hope YOU will learn from.